Motivation for a new design

Our website is just fine how it is, but I wanted to make information for potential clients easier to access and quickly scan.

On the most basic level, I really just wanted to reorganize our about page and add our design and development process in a four column grid below our elevator pitch. The idea was that this four column grid would sit below the a three column grid (the same grid as the current homepage) with some relevant information about Tucson Labs and our services.

Wireframe design for the about page.
Wireframe design for the about page.

Using more white space

This new design uses more white space than the previousa me feel like I can breathe easier even though it lacks polish. Feeling good about this page, I thought I would take a stab at the home page.

Home page design
Home page design

The big blue header image with stars (yes stars) will probably be hidden only to be exposed when the contact us link is clicked. I haven’t made a decision about this yet. In fact I haven’t even decided if this new design will even get off the ground. Other changes include the portfolio and projects images which will likely be slides that people can skim through. I’ve also decided that summarizing a blog article will be helpful for people just scanning the site for information.

Thoughts and comments welcomed are appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Motivation for a new design

  1. Organization and nagivation is much better. But true maybe some more colour in header would be in my opinion not so bad.

  2. @Julia Thanks for your feedback! As you can probably tell I switched the navigation back to its previous location and stuck with an all white background.

    @Ambyr I’ve actually been thinking about doing some screencasts. I just have to find the time.

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