User-Centered Web Design Since 2006

We shape experiences through research, strategy, and iterative web design based on usability testing. We work remotely from Tucson, AZ and Seattle, WA.

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About Us

Tucson Labs is an Arizona-based, full service web design and development company. We’re focused on utilizing UX methodologies to design quality websites and product’s people love using.

We’ve been obsessed with building standards-based, performant websites since 2006 and have been lucky to work on a diverse group of projects ranging from small web applications for early-staged startups to websites of varying sizes for businesses, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. Our mission is simple: help our client’s communicate with their audience on the web and mobile through UX-driven design and agile development.

We believe that it’s our job as website designers to reach the widest number of people possible. That means we don’t make websites that only work on certain devices or operating systems and think designing for accessibility is part of the planning process—not an after thought. We were early adopters of responsive web design, and jumped on the bandwagon shortly after Ethan Marcotte first introduced the technique.

Josh Williams started Tucson Labs in September of 2006 after moving to the area from the Pacific Northwest. The reason was mostly due to market scarcity—there were only a handful of Tucson web design companies, and very few of those actually cared about quality website design, performance, or even following web standards. Heck most of them were still using Dreamweaver, Microsoft Front Page, or using table-based layouts.

We have over eight years experience building high performance, quality websites. We are keenly aware of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to responsive web design, but we also work with many different industries and user bases and are often surprised by test results. We’re always open to innovation, trying new things, and we love to ship code. We like to stay on top of current trends and best practices by attending and speaking at events, doing research, and being an active participant in the web design community.

Core Services

Areas of Knowledge

  • JavaScript
  • CSS Architecture
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Rapid Prototyping (HTML)
  • Responsive Web Design and Development
  • WordPress Theme and Plugin Development
  • Ruby on Rails Web Development
  • Ember JS Development
  • Node.js Development

(Oh and we can fix Internet Explorer bugs with our eyes closed.)