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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Common items that people tend to contact us about.

    How much do you charge to design a website?
    Costs vary depending on the scope, timeline, and individual goals of a project. Our web design and development services are specifically tailored to our customers needs and their budgets—these are the two biggest factors in determining cost.
    Do you offer website maintenance and support plans?
    We do offer support and maintenance plans for customers who have purchased web design and development services from us, but we don’t typically offer support for websites built from third parties.
    Can you build a website using existing designs?
    Typically we don’t develop websites from other designers unless they’re from our partner companies or are of very high quality work.
    Do you offer website hosting?
    We don’t provide hosting services, but can set up and deploy your website on a variety of high performance third party hosting providers.
    Do you provide web design and development services for companies that aren’t located in Tucson or Seattle?
    Yes. We’re a Tucson web design company, but we will work with you were ever your business is located.
    Do you offer SEO or provide social media services?
    We design websites to be search engine optimized, but don’t provide additional services like link building or social media campaigns.
    Can you make our website faster?
    Yes. Performance on the web has always been one of our biggest areas of focus as it has a very large impact on user experience.
    Do you offer WordPress training?
    We provide training and documentation for all the websites we build. Unfortunately we don’t offer WordPress training as a stand alone service.
    Do you offer Node.js and Ruby on Rails development services?
    Yes we’re big fans of Node.js and Rails.
    Will you participate in our request for proposal (RFP)?
    In most cases no, we don’t do RFPs. If you’re restricted to doing an RFP and you’d really like us to participate, we charge a $1,000 fee which will be credited to the project assuming we’re the winning bid.