Human Mosaic Project


  • Branding
  • UX
  • Web App Design
  • Web Development

Client Name

ClearBox Media, Inc.

Project Duration

2 Months

The Human Mosaic Project is a real world online strategy game designed to get people off the couch and out exploring their cities. It’s startup based out of Tucson, AZ and developed by the nice folks at ClearBox Media—who’s motto is “Developing fun stuff near you.”

We helped refine the brand and craft the user experience for their mobile web-based game. We designed a mobile-first, responsive website so the game is playable on whatever device the player has handy. This type of game is unique in that it branches out into the real world by challenging players to participate in the game outside of their house.

We started this project with HTML5 Boilerplate and designed the web interface as well as produced custom icons, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

This web app is under active development by Warner and his team. This is actually what the term “beta” means, hence the beta badge.